To create a web page, you need a word processor. Windows includes two word processing programs : Notepad and WordPad. Many people who use HTML to create Web pages find ( Notepad ) a simple tool for writing in HTML.

To open Notepad | WordPad, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad | WordPad.

Web pages

All HTML documents must have the following basic form :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

<title> Insert your document's title </title>
<Meta name="Keywords" Content="??, ??, ??"></meta>
<Meta name="Description" Content="??, ??, ??"></meta>

Insert Your Work Here : text and graphics


&  Save your work


&  Store your work

Important :

Always Look at ( Save in ) box to know where your file is or will be stored so you can find it again.

&  NOTE :

Never store your documents on the same drive as your operating system.

&  Alignment

&  The Tags :

<div align="Left | Right | Center"> Text </div>

Align Left

Align Center
Align Right


&  Objects are aligned Left by default. No Need to use <align="left">

&  Dividers

  1. <p> :

    &  To add an empty line above a text, an image or table, use : <p> </p>

    NOTE :
    The closing tag </p> is often unnecessary

    <p>An empty line is added above the Line you are reading.

  2. Line Break <br> :

    &  You can end a Line where you insert <br> and start a new Line.

&   You can use two < br > Tags or one < p > Tag to skip a line. To skip lots of Lines , repeat the Tags.
< br >
< br >
Result : Yahoo

< p >
Result : Yahoo



<!-- --> allows you to insert comments into an HTML document and have them completely ignored by the browser. Comments may not have double hyphens (--) within them.

&  Upload your Site

Find a server to help you upload your pages.
Here is a good one :


You will see the buttons: ASCII, Binary, and Auto. When you're uploading text files, you would upload them in ASCII. Just select that button, and it will upload properly. When you're uploading images, you upload them in Binary. Just select the Binary button and it will upload properly.

&  A search engine site

Go to a search engine site, Google is one of the best, and look for a link that says "add URL" or "suggest a site". Just click on the link and follow directions. In case you don't find The "add URL" Link, In search box write (ADD URL), then press SEARCH and follow the instructions.

&  Free Submission


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