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To create a web page, you need a word processor. Windows includes two word processing programs : Notepad and WordPad. Many people who use HTML to create Web pages find ( Notepad ) a simple tool for writing in HTML.

To open Notepad | WordPad, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad | WordPad.

Web pages

All HTML documents must have the following basic form :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

<title> Insert your document's title </title>
<Meta name="Keywords" Content="??, ??, ??"></meta>
<Meta name="Description" Content="??, ??, ??"></meta>

Insert Your Work Here : text and graphics



&  Save your work



&  Store your work

Important :

Always Look at ( Save in ) box to know where your file is or will be stored so you can find it again.

&  NOTE :

Never store your documents on the same drive as your operating system.

Helping Tags

<b> </b>This Word is bold
<big> </big> This Word is big
<u> </u> This Word is underlined
<em> </em> This Word is italic
<sub> </sub> This Word is subscript
<sup> </sup> This Word is superscript


&  Alignment

&  The Tags :

<div align="Left | Right | Center"> Text </div>

Align Left

Align Center
Align Right


&  Objects are aligned Left by default. No Need to use <align="left">


&  Dividers

  1. <p> :

    &  To add an empty line above a text, an image or table, use : <p> </p>

    NOTE :
    The closing tag </p> is often unnecessary

    <p>An empty line is added above the Line you are reading.

  2. Line Break <br> :

    &  You can end a Line where you insert <br> and start a new Line.

&   You can use two < br > Tags or one < p > Tag to skip a line. To skip lots of Lines , repeat the Tags.
< br >
< br >
Result : Yahoo

< p >
Result : Yahoo



<!-- --> allows you to insert comments into an HTML document and have them completely ignored by the browser. Comments may not have double hyphens (--) within them.

&  Upload your Site

Find a server to help you upload your pages.
Here is a good one :

&  A search engine site

Go to a search engine site, Google is one of the best, and look for a link that says "add URL" or "suggest a site". Just click on the link and follow directions. In case you don't find The "add URL" Link, In search box write (ADD URL), then press SEARCH and follow the instructions.

&  Free Submission


Search Engine Optimization and Free Submission

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